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Taxi Hire

We operate a 24 hour, 365 days a year taxi service to the Falkirk District and we can supply vehicles for all types of jobs such as local runs, hospital runs, city centre trips, airport transfers and long distance work.

Our fleet varies from our popular Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles and 8 Seater Minibuses to Saloon and Estate cars. All our vehicles are fitted with GPS technology this means most hires can be despatched within seconds of booking at your request.​


With a team of professional and fully licensed drivers we are confident that we will get you to your destination in a timely and comfortable manner.


Our drivers have full hackney taxi licenses, issued and checked by Falkirk Council. They are also PVG checked by Disclosure Scotland. (These can be viewed upon request in the vehicle)

The vehicles on the other hand are also fully hackney licensed by Falkirk Council and undergo a rigorous check every 6 months to ensure the safety of our passengers. They also come with calendar controlled tariff meters set by the council these are also checked every 6 months.

We provide a high standard of service and a hassle free solution to our customer's travel needs. Whatever your requirements, we are confident that we can provide the service to match.


Please note, we can take enquires and bookings over the phone, by email, through iPhone or Android App by Taxihub and through our online booking system.

You won't be disappointed.

Do You Know The Difference Between a "Taxi" & "Private Hire Vehicle" ?

Knowing the difference between a taxi and private hire vehicle could be paramount to your safety.

If you’ve travelled in a taxi or private hire car or plan to do so in the future, then we recommend becoming familiar with the differences and risks involved if the correct procedures aren’t followed.


Taxis can be easily be identified by the white sign on the roof of the vehicle that is either displayed with a company name or the wording "TAXI"; they can also be flagged down in the street. When the roof sign is illuminated, the taxi is available, otherwise, the driver has a job to go to or has a passenger on board. All Falkirk taxis must have a ‘plate’ which is blue and white and is displayed on the front and back of the vehicle.

Private Hire

Private Hire cars can be identified by the stickers on their doors which read ‘Pre-Booked Hires Only’.  They also display a yellow and white ‘plate’ on the front and back of the vehicle. Private Hire cars cannot be flagged down in the street. Each fleet consists typically of a mixture of saloon cars and people carriers.

By entering a private hire car without booking you invalidate the vehicle’s insurance and put yourself at risk. By pre-booking, you are making a record of your journey and are ensuring that you are travelling in a vehicle that’s fully licensed.

Drivers of taxis and private hire cars are required to be licensed by Falkirk Council, and each must display a photographic badge issued by the council. If you’re unsure about the vehicle you are entering then request to see the drivers badge.

Taxi drivers need to complete a Knowledge test of Falkirk before receiving their licence. By passing the Knowledge test drivers can get you to your destination by using the quickest route.

Private Hire drivers need to fill out an application then pay a fee before receiving a license to drive; passing a Knowledge test is not a requirement thus their knowledge of Falkirk and surrounding areas may be limited.


Contact us or Falkirk Council Licencing if you have any enquiries.

Glasgow City Centre from only £40.00 each way
SSE Hydro & SECC from only
£40.00 each way
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Edinburgh City Centre from only £40.00 each way
Stirling City Centre from only £25.00 each way
Craig Tara Holiday Park from
only £80.00 each way
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